19 October 2016 – Politics Is Personal: Women’s Perspectives

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EPMED partnered with Politics is Personal to hold an exhibition at the European Parliament, portraying the stories of some of the Israeli and Palestinian women living the conflict. Political is Personal, within the spirit of the principles of gender mainstreaming and UNSCR 1325, was inspired to create a way in which the women living out the realities and consequences of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be heard. PiP envisions a world where women’s voices are essential in conflict zones, the initiative’s long term objective is to not only contribute to policy shaping, study and long term resolutions in this conflict, but to do so in other conflict zones as well.

The event was hosted by Jean Lambert, Green MEP for the London region.


MEP Martina Andersen, EPMED’s Christiaan Gevers-Deynoot, PiP’s Sarah Arnd-Linder, MEP Jean Lambert