Main Object of our Constitution

The European Platform for Middle East Dialogue (EPMED) creates a space for constructive inclusive dialogue, tolerance, respect, education and understanding in Europe for topics related to the many Middle Eastern conflicts, with a particular focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Through the examination of an inclusive range of voices and many perspectives living the conflicts in the Middle East, EPMED facilitates conflict transformation from within Europe, thus promoting religious and racial harmony and advancing conflict resolution and reconciliation. EPMED facilitates parties from the conflict zones in coming to neutral bases within Europe, promoting peace-building and European involvement in peace-building, and also addressing the knock on effects of these conflicts in our own Member States. In this way, EPMED contributes to social cohesion, promotes racial harmony and civic responsibility, and enhances conflict transformation. In order to achieve our aims, EPMED will remain balanced and inclusive towards all parties to conflicts. On the community level, EPMED, through education, promotes improved community relations, counters racism including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, counters extremism, and promotes understanding and tolerance. EPMED is open to both local and international partners in order to accomplish its aims. Primary beneficiaries will be those who attend our educational events and receive our briefings, as well as those who travel from the conflict zones in order to conduct their peace work in a neutral area. Secondary beneficiaries are the communities at large from which our participants and audiences come from, as word spreads of Irish and EU support of the peace process and how we can be involved. Tertiary beneficiaries are the people of the Middle East, and Israel and Palestine in particular, as the ripple effects of our work may have an eventual impact on the peace process and wider public discourse.