Channel 4 Change

The Channel 4 Change is our network of Partners in Israel and Palestine, with whom we have or aim to undertake projects and whose experiences we draw on for needs assessments and first-hand perspectives. In the medium term, the Channel 4 Change is intended to serve as a neutral space for the development of joint position papers, to be made available to key EU policymakers and think tanks.

debate for peace

The Debate for Peace program brings together Arab and Jewish students from all over Israel to participate in Model United Nations conferences, where they debate, negotiate and ultimately attempt to resolve the most difficult and pressing challenges in international relations.



Political is Personal, within the spirit of the principles of gender mainstreaming and UNSCR 1325, was inspired to create a way in which the women living out the realities and consequences of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be heard. PiP envisions a world where women’s voices are essential in conflict zones, the initiative’s long term objective is to not only contribute to policy shaping, study and long term resolutions in this conflict, but to do so in other conflict zones as well. We have brought PiP’s photo and story exhibition to the European Parliament in November 2016.



CARE Palestine was established in 1989, through the initiative of educationalists and intellectuals. The foundation’s legal status being based on the Israeli legislation ( Reg. No. 511 59343-6) and later on ( 7-25/106) the Palestinian legislation and International Conventions. It is a nonprofit, voluntary institution whose objective is to initiate and promote activities that lead to the development of democracy, civic society, culture, and a more human world. We are partnering with CARE on youth empowerment projects in the West Bank and Gaza. 



HOME’s goal is humanisation of the other. They engage in activities on the ground bringing together Jews, Muslims and Christians, supporting children affected by conflict on both sides in Israel-Palestine. We are partnering with Home in order to provide support to children suffering PTSD as a result of the conflict in Gaza and Sderot, as well as helping this small civil society organisation to build spaces for Palestinians and Israelis to meet.



Two States One Homeland is a political initiative run by local grassroots activists which supports the right of Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Muslims and Christians, to live and share the land.



GN4C is driven by the belief in a locally-led, conflict-sensitive and inclusive approach towards social transformation, GN4C opens communication channels between conflicting parties and trains insider-partial mediators. GN4C is creating sustainable dialogue platforms across Syria contributing to civic dialogue and conciliation efforts. GN4C is dedicated to positive transformation.


The Ethical Journalism Network promotes ethics, good governance and independent regulation of media content. Their aim is simple: to support the values of honesty, truth and public purpose in media and to build trust in journalism as an instrument of democratic expression, as a guarantor of free speech, and as a reliable and trusted interpreter of the complex world in which we live.


MEPEACE is a network for peace with thousands of peacemakers and millions of page visits on Online, the MEPEACE web platform enables individuals and organizations from more than 200 countries to overcome physical barriers, share and learn about one another. The Israeli media has called MEPEACE the “Facebook of Peace” because it works like Facebook and is dedicated to peace. All are invited to join on We will be working with Mepeace on our Tech Startup Project in 2017 bringing together young Palestinian and Israeli tech entrepreneurs.


Gush Shalom ( גוש שלום, lit. The Peace Bloc [Coalition]) is an Israeli peace activism group founded and led by former Irgun and Knesset Member and journalist, Uri Avery, in 1993. We will be engaging with Gush Shalom during their annual olive harvest which pairs Israelis and Internationals with Palestinian families in order to bring back these voices for our Perspectives Project.