Our Mission

The Platform for Dialogue creates a space for constructive and inclusive dialogue around specific issues related to conflict and peacebuilding. Through the examination of an inclusive range of voices about such issues, PfD seeks to draw attention to local voices not always heard on the international stage, but voices of those living the conflict and the consequences of the conflict every day. It is those voices we serve when working in the field of conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

We value and promote tolerance, respect, inclusive dialogue, and understanding.

In order to achieve our aims, PfD will remain balanced and inclusive towards all parties to conflict. This means that we will seek to hear and understand every perspective, whether or not we agree. Often the cause of radicalisation or polarisation is exclusion. We tend to leave extremist voices or actors out of the peacebuilding field, as they do not conform to our in-the-box ideal of a "suitable" character to take part in societal dialogue, However, without these voices, we will never transform conflict, as they are often at the heart of it. We seek to include leftists, rightists, and everyone in-between, as we promote needs-based solutions for all.