We in Europe cannot constructively help in conflict transformation without a thorough understanding of the people and the issues marking and making conflict. EPMED was founded in order to promote inclusive dialogue among local communities and to adjust the focus of EU policy around needs-based solutions.

We are an independent NGO with simple yet powerful goals: inclusive dialogue, humanisation of the other, education and conflict transformation. Our main work currently focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


“Before discussing the one state or two states solution we should look for a platform to live together, to love one another, to believe in each other’s rights. It is the right of the Israeli to live here, and the right of the Palestinian to live here and the right of the Christian to live here. Everyone’s rights need to be respected. I believe in the holiness of the land, but the human being is holier than the land” – Ziad Sabateen, co-founder of Path of Hope and Peace



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